• Instructions for the Sessions

    ISRR 2019 sessions will feature both oral sessions followed by a panel discussion and interactive presentations. Papers are organized into 70-minute sessions of 10 papers. All sessions will have the same organization: a brief 5-minute spotlight talk for all papers in the session followed by 20 minutes of discussion with the audience moderated by the session chairs

    The interactive presentations will be held immediately after the oral sessions and will last 90 minutes. Every speaker of the previous oral session is provided a table for a laptop and a TV screen on a stand behind said table. Your table will be marked with a nameplate containing your name, affiliation and the title of your talk. Please bring your own laptop and any adapters required! It is recommended that your slide ratio for the interactive sessions is set to widescreen (16:9) an not to the standard 4:3-ratio as for the spotlight talks.

    More information is coming soon

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