to the KIT object models database on the web! Please read the following sections before making use of the object models.

You are free to use the object models for your own research or other non-commercial purposes, and we strongly encourage their application as a benchmark e.g. for your image processing research. When using this object data, please send us a short notice about your purpose and research goals - we would be happy to hear about what the object models are applied for and about what has been particularly useful to you (or what is still missing in your opinion).

When using the object data, please also keep in mind that the data compilation and the underlying research have been funded by the German Collaborative Research Center 588 "Humanoid Robots" and by the German Service Robotics Initiative "Desire". The relevant publications can be found in the publications section.


  • (14-11-2011): Website update is complete. Changes:
    • New objects uploaded, styrofoam figures that have more complex shapes
    • Detail page for all objects, simply click on the object name in the overview
    • Added source links to the objects (where possible, accessible through the detail view)
    Update unfortunately has caused some havoc in the latest additions display and the RSS feed. Sorry for that!
  • (11-11-2011): The website is updated again, so there might be some hiccups during this process. There will be some new objects and more preview options as well as object information when the update is complete.
  • (11-10-2010): New grasp data has been uploaded to the database. Currently precomputed grasps for the HIT Hand, the SA Hand and the SDH are available!
  • (05-10-2010): After a harddisk failure the database has been restored and should be functioning normal again. If there's still any issues please report them to alexander dot kasper (at) kit dot edu. This also messed up the RSS feed and the latest item display below. We are sorry for any inconcenience this has caused.

Latest additions/modifications

Content and Purpose of the Database

The object model database has been created with the application of a service robot in a household environment in mind. Therefore, it contains models of typical household items like food containers, dishes etc.

Currently, we provide 3d data as well as calibrated stereo images. More information about the hardware and data acquisition can be found in the information section. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions about the data.


The generation of the object model data and the design and implementation of the underlying object representation and the interactive object modelling area have been funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in the course of the Collaborative Research Center 588 ( SFB 588 "Humanoid Robots -- Learning and Cooperating Multimodal Robots"), and partially by the German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung in the course of the German Service Robotics Initiative "Desire".

Further, the KIT object models database was extended with objects from the following projects: GRASP, Xperience, SecondHands.

For more detailed information about our research in the area of interactive semantic object modelling, please visit the SFB 588 and Desire project web pages, the web pages of the research group for Industrial Applications of Computer Science and Micro Systems (IAIM) at the University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany, or check out our publications.