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The CYBATHLON ARM and LEG Prosthesis Series and the Symposium on Assistive and Wearable Robotics will take place in collaboration with the REHAB exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany. The programme of this Symposium will take place on May 16th and 17th, 2019 while the CYBATHLON Series races are held on May 17th and 18th, 2019. This enables participants to attend both the technical presentations and the races.

Overall Programme

The Symposium has started and ends at 2019-05-17

CYBATHLON Prosthesis Series

The CYBATHLON Series consists of CYBATHLON races in individual disciplines with an attractive supporting programme including show races and technology demonstrations. At this particular CYBATHLON Series both, the Arm Prosthesis and the Leg Prosthesis Races will be highlighted.


The Symposium on Assistive and Wearable Robotics (AsWeR) is held to encourage scientific discussions on the development, design, control and application of wearable robotic technologies. Researchers working on prosthetics, orthotics, exoskeletons and other related fields are invited to share their work, challenges and insights.


REHAB Karlsruhe has been one of the world’s biggest and most significant trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion since 1980. Specialists from all over Germany and the neighbouring countries come to Karlsruhe every two years to bring themselves up to date with the latest trends in rehabilitation technology, innovations in the assistive aids industry and new therapeutic options as well as to take advantage of further training opportunities.