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Recommended Hotels*

NameTravel time to venue by tram or bus*
AAAA Hotelwelt GmbH18 min by tram S2
(2 barrier-free rooms)
26 min by tram S2 (destination “Rheinstetten”)
acora Hotel15 min by tram 4 until “Mühlburger Tor”, then S2 (destination “Rheinstetten”)
(1 barrier-free room)
22 min by tram S2 (destination “Rheinstetten”)
Jugendherberge Karlsruhe (youth hostel)18 min by tram S2 (destination “Rheinstetten”)
Leonardo Hotel Karlsruhe46 min by bus 10 until “Marktplatz”, then S2 (destination “Rheinstetten”)


last stop is “Forchheim Messe/Leichtsandstr.”

the bus line M goes directly to the venue, it departs from the main station forecourt