DGRTage 2021

How to attend…

Participation in the KIT Science Week 2021 as well as the DRG Days is free of charge.

The program comprises 12 keynote lectures given by world-renowned scientists as well as 5 DGR Days sessions with a total of 35 contributions by young scientists and also provides the opportunity to get together within the communication platform wonder.me for further discussions amongst the participants. Throughout the entire conference, this platform can be used 24h a day to get together and to continue discussions. Questions can be posted to the speakers directly using slido. More information on slido as well as wonder.be can be found below.

To attend the conference please use this zoom webinar-link

How to post your questions to the speakers of the conference
For the Q&A after the talks we are using the tool slido. No registration is required, just type in your question and hit the send button. The questions will be visible to the entire audience.
The session chair will then forward the question to the speaker by reading them out..

Please post your questions regarding the talks by using slido here.

Virtual get together in the networking area
Wonder.me offers a virtual space with the possibility of open and dynamic group discussions. The virtual room can be thought of as a real room. Through several designated areas tagged with different topics and keywords within the big meeting room, the user can thus find other participants with similar interests.

To join the networking area please use this wonder.me link
Password: ScienceWeek

In order to start a conversation or enter into an existing one, the user moves his avatar into the vicinity of another user and can then start a conversation by klicking on the appearing button. Up to 15 users can participate in one conversation at the same time. Further information: www.wonder.me