Call for Contributions

We invite participants to submit proposals for contribution using this slide template which, if accepted, will be presented in a 5-minute talk. Send a link to the slides to Participants are encouraged to provide videos or links to videos in the slides demonstrating their work on a real robot or in simulation.

The contribution slides should emphasize lessons learned and the “dirty laundry”, i.e. limitations and shortcuts you are taking in your approach. This way, we hope to start fruitful discussions at the workshop in addition to helping junior researchers avoid similar roadblocks along their path. We encourage each of our senior presenters to share their presentations with a PhD student or postdoc from their lab.

Following the template, the digest slides should contain a personal introduction (slide 2), including your affiliation and recent publications, an introduction to the problem you are working on (slide 3), including why it is interesting and hard, and your contributions as well as current limitations, including methods, preliminary results, future work and lessons learned (slide 4). The number of slides are limited to those contained in the template.

Contributors will be invited to present 5-minute spotlight talks which will be discussed in live Q&As and panel discussions.

Important Dates

May 25, 2021Submission deadline
May 26, 2021Notification
May 31, 2021Workshop