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Dear robotics enthusiasts,

Welcome to the moderated robotics-worldwide mailing list This is a fully moderated mailing list for robotics researchers worldwide. This list will only provide announcements of general value to the robotics community. To keep communication through the list informative and sparse, emails posted to the list will be – with a certain level of subjectivity – filtered by the list moderators.

How to subscribe to, unsubscribe from the mailing list?

To subscribe to this robotics-worldwide email list and send/receive messages/news, please send an empty email to with subject:  “subscribe  your_name“. Your_name is optional. 

For example if your name is John Smith, your email subject should be:
subscribe John Smith” or 

Once you subscribe you can receive the messages separately (default) or in digest format.

To unsubscribe send an empty email to  with subject:  “unsubscribe

Subscription and unsubscription can be handled through a web interface.

How to post a message to the mailing list?

To post a message (in English) to the mailing list send an email to with subject: [Topic] Your_subject

[Topic] should be one of the following ones: [Jobs], [Meetings], [Software], [Journals], [News]

You can post messages at any time (you need to be subscribed). The moderator will review and approve them.

To keep communication through the list informative and sparse, already broadcasted messages on the same subject will be distributed a maximum of twice in a time interval of at least two weeks.  

If you have any questions related to the mailing list please contact:

Your personal data will be only used for distributing messages via this mailing list.

Moderators of the mailing list

Stefan Schaal, Jan Peters, Michael Mistry, Tamim Asfour

History of the robotics-worldwide mailing list

The list was hosted from August 2005 until Dec 2021 at the University of Southern California and was moved in Dec 2021 to be hosted by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology