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  • Instructions for the Paper Presenters

    ISRR 2019 sessions will feature distinguished talks sessions, oral sessions and interactive sessions.

    Distinguished talks are 20 minutes long

    Papers are organized into 70-minute oral sessions of 10 papers and subsequent 70-minutes interactive session. The interactive sessions are combined with coffee breaks. Every paper will be presented in an oral session by a 5 minutes spotlight talk in an oral session and in the subsequent interactive session.  

    Oral sessions are organized as follows:  a  5-minute spotlight talk for every paper in the session followed by a short question and approx. 15 minutes of discussion with the audience moderated by the session chairs.

    Interactive sessions will be held immediately after the oral sessions. Every speaker of the previous oral session is provided a table for a laptop and a TV screen. You can connect your laptop to the screen using HDMI. Please bring your own laptop and any adapters required! The tables are labeled with numbers. Your table is the one with the number associated with the order of your talk in the oral session.